Founded in 1992 and headquartered in Nigeria, Phillips Consulting Limited (pcl.) is a leading business and management consulting firm, serving clients across Africa through offices in Lagos and Abuja. We are a leading provider of transformation, technology and outsourcing services.
The new normal is here and has brought with it a style of work that is more agile and more virtual. To support individuals, teams, and organisations in adapting to the new normal, pcl. is introducing Micro Courses. We understand it is tough to take out a whole day to learn, so our micro courses offer quick learning bursts (90minutes to 2 hours) on topics within our areas of expertise. We inspire learning in achievable ways and help expand your knowledge and improve skills to access untapped potential.

Our approach is to jump right into the core of a course and help you master the critical skills needed to perform. These courses are designed for small or large audiences; and are hands-on, fully blended, and virtually delivered at minimal cost.

Take charge of today, anticipate your next move and win as you identify the rising skills relevant to your business, and leverage learning as a tool for business growth and disruption.